7 Top Guidelines for Split AC Installation


A lot of people prefer installing a split AC over window Acs at their homes or even in offices. Split ACs has many advantages and an upper hand in comparison to window AC.

But often people forget that air conditioning installation requires preparations. You cannot install a split AC, or a window AC wherever you want. It has some demands, and they must be met. Knowing the in-depth requirements for an AC installation procedure will increase the efficiency of the functioning of the AC.

Read on to know what are the demands that must be met in order to install a split AC

1. Wall strength

Even though split AC is lighter in comparison to window AC, it does hold a significant amount of weight. And not every wall is thick and strong enough to hold it. The walls of any space are constructed differently depending on the area it would enclose.

That’s why one should get the advice of an expert to choose the right wall before getting the AC installed.

2. Tilt angle

While fixing the aluminum bracket on the wall, make sure that the bracket is given a slight tilt angle. It would be beneficial so that the indoor unit of split AC, when fitted is also at a slight angle to enable an unrestricted flow of the condensed water from the drain pipe.

Otherwise, the room will take longer to cool down and the effect will be directed in the wrong direction.

3. Height


You need to have a taller roof for a split air conditioning installation. It is because the indoor unit needs to be mounted at a height of 7-8 feet above the ground for adequate cooling inside the room. Short length roofed spaces might create a congested environment.

4. The right location

It is advisable to install the two units of the split AC away from direct sunlight and water. Otherwise, strong wind or dust can do damages to various parts. This will be disadvantageous in the longer term. Installing at an inconvenient spot might create some problem while servicing the Ac.

5. Outdoor unit


The outdoor unit contains some of the key components of a split AC. That’s why it is important to place it on a flat and rigid surface. Otherwise, the vibration from the unit can lead to its displacement or breakage of pipes.

It could also lead to coolant leakage and damage to the compressor. You don’t want the vibrating noise to cause disturbance either right?

6. Space


Although split AC can be installed easily, it should not be installed in a small room. This will only increase the heat effect of the room and the cooling load in return.

Also, having an AC in a room does not mean that you can fill the room with people up to the brim. Not every AC is designed to attend to a large number of people.

7. Water waste

You need to manage the wastewater from the AC effectively. That’s why ensure that before the air conditioning installation, you have a proper arrangement made to handle it. Otherwise, water leakage can do a lot of harm to your wall as well as any electric socket around it.

8. Avoid the TV set

There is no problem with an air conditioning installation over a TV set. But it should be avoided, just in case, there’s any kind of leak over it.

You can also try covering the television or any other electrical system underneath the indoor unit of the split AC.

To be sure that there is no problem in getting the split AC installed at your desired location, you can get the location assessed by the installation team.

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  • The indoor unit should be placed in a more convenient and accessible place to enable you change the filters when you need to.

    The outdoor unit can be placed in an open area where the air flows freely. There should be nothing near to block the air flow to the condenser and the compressor.

  • A mini split head can be installed on almost any wall within your home, but with some caveats. ... The reason the labor goes up when choosing an inside or interior wall to mount the head is because all the lines that connect the two unit have to be routed either through an attic or a crawl space.

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